Blogging Anywhere with Jekyll

The freedom of blogging with static files from your phone via Github.

Jekyll is a flat-file CMS, relying on static files hosted in a Github repository, versus the traditional database and php to manage and serve content. And while I have nothing against those technologies, this just feels so much simpler.

Switching to a Jekyll-powered blog feels so liberating; no database, no backend, and editable right in my Github, which means that it’s editable even from my phone (which is where I’m posting this from).

On-the-fly Bug Squashing via Github

It dawned on me that I could blog anywhere from my phone when I looked at my blog and realized I needed to edit something. This has happened to me before, but in the past my hands were tied as I basically just had to wait until I got home to fix or add something other than a blog post’s copy. Now I can find and edit the appropriate file in my blog’s repo right on my phone; in this case, it was a single line of code in my theme’s config file that was breaking my page.

Markdown is Simple, Easy and Phone-friendly

Jekyll posts are written in Markdown, which is very simple and easy to write with when you have nothing but your thumbs, using very simple code to specify things like links and headers.

Github-integrated Content Editing with Prose

The use of content editor Prose allows for the editing and creation of files in your repo in a mobile-friendly editor (which, at the time of writing, Github has yet to provide natively), that offers diffchecking and even a preview of your work, giving you the option to check for markdown syntax errors before going live.

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